Morphe Lawsuit – Details on the Controversial Case

Morphe Lawsuit: In 2023, the cosmetics company Morphe, established in 2008 with a foundation in direct distribution, declared bankruptcy due to legal challenges. They faced potential class-action litigation over allegations of not revealing unsafe ingredients in their products. Many of the brand’s customers were taken aback by this news, especially since finding non-toxic makeup brands can be challenging.

The proposed Morphe class action lawsuit, as reported by, accused Morphe LLC and its affiliated companies – Morphe Management Holdings LLC, Forma Brands LLC, and Forma Beauty Brands LLC – of misleading advertising. The primary contention was that some Morphe products had harmful color additives.

Morphe Lawsuit Overview

The legal action asserts that the company misleadingly promoted its products for use around the eyes, concealing the presence of harmful colorants. These additives have been linked to severe eye discomfort, skin discoloration, rashes, and allergic reactions, among other concerns.

Morphe LLC, together with associated entities Morphe Management Holdings LLC, Forma Brands LLC, and Forma Beauty Brands LLC, is accused of misleading advertising, unfair trade practices, negligence, and being responsible for product faults. This legal predicament has severely tarnished the company’s image and the way customers view them.

In light of these claims, Morphe is entangled in the intricacies of the judicial process and the resultant strain on their reputation. The reactions from the industry and consumers have been mixed, with a segment of their customer base feeling deceived and opting to discontinue any future purchases from the brand.

Details of the Morphe Class Action Lawsuit

The lawsuit lodged in California alleges that Morphe included color additives in products such as their color palettes, eyeliners, and Colorfix 24-Hour Cream Color that were not sanctioned by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The application of some of these products around the eyes could lead to:

  • Eye irritation
  • Skin discoloration or staining
  • Rashes
  • Allergic reactions

The lawsuit contends that Morphe deliberately marketed these items for eye use, even though the FDA labeled some chemicals in the products as “inherently hazardous” and “not approved” for application near the eyes.

Included in the non-approved additives are FD&C Red No. 4, D&C Violet No. 2, FD&C Yellow No. 6, among others.

Interestingly, the case highlights that Morphe might have intentionally used product names such as “artistry palettes” and “pressed pigments” to sidestep referring to them directly as eyeshadows. Nonetheless, the lawsuit points out that these products were unmistakably meant for eye makeup application. This implication is bolstered by the company’s use of these products in eye makeup demonstrations on their social media platforms.

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Morphe Lawsuit: Legal Implications

Breach of Contract

This claim is grounded on accusations that Morphe used color additives in their makeup, which weren’t sanctioned for use near the eyes. Consequently, customers who bought these items believing they were safe might have a valid breach of contract claim.

Reports have emerged detailing severe eye discomfort, skin staining, and harsh allergic responses. Potential compensations for those affected could encompass medical bill coverage, lost wages, or compensation for emotional suffering.

False Advertising

Another important part of the Morphe lawsuit is that they are being accused of false advertising. The claimants maintain that Morphe falsely promoted its products as being safe for eye use, even though they contained unauthorized colorants. Due to this, Morphe could be held accountable for infringing on certain jurisdictional laws related to misleading advertising.

If the lawsuit doesn’t rule in Morphe’s favor, the company might be mandated to alter its ad campaigns, pull products off shelves, or financially reimburse affected parties. Beyond these legal repercussions, Morphe might also have to grapple with reputational setbacks, potentially affecting future sales and diminishing consumer trust.

What has Happened with Morphe Since the Proposed Lawsuit?

In January 2023, BeautyMatter announced that Morphe would be closing all its U.S. retail locations, attributing this move to shifts in the beauty sector. Even though the Morphe brand had faced challenges prior to this, employees were suddenly let go without any formal notification. After acquiring and rebranding Morphe in 2019, Forma Brands had contemplated bankruptcy for a while.

By January 2023, the speculations about Forma Brands’ bankruptcy became a reality. Shortly after shutting down its U.S. outlets, the firm sought Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, as revealed by RetailDive.

Subsequently, that spring, Forma Brands consented to a buyout deal worth $690 million with Jefferies Finance and Cerberus Capital Management.

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Potential Implications of the Lawsuit

Should the class action lawsuit against Morphe prevail, it might set a precedent not just for the company, but for the entire cosmetics sector. Here are some potential ripple effects:

Influencers and Brand Reputation

Morphe’s journey has been marked by various obstacles, especially concerning its ties with numerous influencers. Its ascent to prominence was largely fueled by collaborations with beauty YouTubers, which garnered significant social media traction. Yet, as scandals surrounding these influencers surfaced, Morphe’s public perception began to wane. Eventually, the firm had to terminate multiple high-profile influencer collaborations, further tarnishing its standing in the marketplace.

Consumer Trust

The Morphe lawsuit casts doubts on the safety and integrity of the brand’s offerings. The litigation contends that the cosmetics from Morphe are laced with colorants not cleared for eye-area application, leading to possible adverse reactions like eye discomfort, skin staining, and allergies. This contention has eroded consumer faith, with potential enduring implications for Morphe and the wider cosmetics industry. In light of this, companies might be compelled to take extra measures to vouchsafe their products’ safety and maintain open communication with their clientele.

Morphe Lawsuit: Latest Update

In an unexpected twist on January 16, 2023, the courts chose to temporarily suspend and administratively shut down the ongoing Morphe class action lawsuit. As a result, the Morphe lawsuit is currently inactive, indicating a pause in any related legal actions. The rationale behind this decision remains unclear, but it’s sure to influence the trajectory of the case.

This legal action highlights the cosmetic industry’s responsibility, both legally and ethically, to its consumers. It underscores the necessity for producers to vouch for their products’ safety and be open about the constituents they contain. For the time being, the industry is keenly watching Morphe’s next steps in response to this predicament. We remain committed to tracking these events and will relay any new developments.


The Morphe class action lawsuit is a pivotal moment for the cosmetics sector, shedding light on the possible risks tied to specific makeup ingredients and emphasizing the need for honest product promotion. Even though the Morphe lawsuit’s final verdict remains to be seen, the claims presented could profoundly affect both Morphe and the broader industry. As consumers, staying well-informed about the makeup we use and championing enhanced clarity and safety in the cosmetics realm is paramount.

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