Bryan Pesta Files Lawsuit: Former Cleveland State Professor Takes Legal Action

In March 2023, Bryan Pesta, a former economics professor at Cleveland State University, initiated legal proceedings against the institution. He contends that his First Amendment rights were infringed upon when he lost his job due to his studies on IQ differences among races.

Pesta was terminated from his role in March 2022. The university justified this action by stating he had seriously breached their academic research guidelines. According to them, Pesta’s findings were unsubstantiated and he had not adhered to appropriate research methods.

Denying these claims, Pesta asserts that his dismissal was primarily due to the controversial nature of his research. He is suing the university along with six other individuals, including the president, provost, and dean of the College of Business at CSU. His lawsuit seeks his reinstatement, back wages, and other damages.

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The case is currently unresolved and has attracted nationwide focus. It has ignited discussions about the intersection of race, IQ, and academic freedom. While proponents of Pesta claim he was ousted for delving into a contentious yet significant subject, detractors argue that his research was methodologically unsound and that he deserved to be fired based on the university’s academic policies.

Given the complexities involved, the legal battle is expected to be both time-consuming and costly. The outcome remains uncertain, but it’s a case that is garnering significant attention.

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