US Military Survival, Evasion and Recovery Manual Review via ryanjcus

Hey, guys how is it going? Thanks for tuning in. What you’re looking out right now is the US military survival aviation and recovery manual. This video is basically just going to be a review on this manual. I think this is probably one of the best manuals you can have for your LBE, Load Bearing Equipment or Load Bearing Vest whatever your set up is or your bug-out bag. There’s a difference between books you can take with you and books you probably shouldn’t. This is another book I would highly recommend. It’s the SAS survival handbook. It’s basically like a survival Bible. It has everything you could ever want to know and it’s a very good book but on the other hand it’s very heavy, it’s thick, it’s big and it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to bring this with you in any kind of emergency bug-out situation or whatever is going on. This one however is small. It’s not very thick. The whole thing is waterproof, the pages are waterproof and I would assume that they are tear resistant. It’s very small compact. It can fit into a pocket and slide in somewhere very easily. As you know knowledge is power, so having a book like this with you can be very important especially in a stressful situation. You can read all the books you want at home but when you’re scared or stressed out and your adrenaline is pumping a few things happen to you. Your IQ drops, you stop thinking rationally and you make decisions based on emotion and fear which could be life threatening to you so, having some information to look at in those situations whether you already know it or not can be a very big benefit to you. Not only is knowledge important but training and practicing is just as important. Again, you can read all the books you want but if you don’t practice and train the techniques and the skills that you’re learning they are pretty much useless. There are some other pocket guides or survival manuals available kind of like this one. The reason I wouldn’t recommend actually this one in particular is because it sucks. This is meant for a three-day survival period. They’re assuming that you’re going to be rescued within three days which I guess is kind of likely but I think a long term survival manual would be better because that covers both bases. Also, this isn’t water proof if you get this wet you screwed. So the best pockets are small manual I’ve come across so far is the US military survival aviation and recovery manual and not only does this one include aviation and recovery, this one doesn’t. So, this has good stuff in it. This has basic first aid, basic survival skills, navigation, traps, cleaning game, signaling, shelters, everything you could want. Camera flash techniques, face painting techniques, all kinds of good stuff. I’ve got my copy at a local military surplus store. I think I paid about $7.00 and I’ve had it for quite sometime now and as you can see it still holding up good. I bring it out into the field with me sometimes and this wasn’t my bug-out bag but it’s having a new home and my tack vest. This manual is given to the army, marines, navy and air force. It was issued June 19, 1999. I’m not sure if they still issue the same one today, but pretty much the techniques don’t change. I mean, they may a little bit some of them but the fundamentals are pretty much the same. So, approved for public released, distribution is unlimited. I’m not sure about people in other countries, I’m sure it’s some how you can order it online. I’m not sure if you could find it in a surplus store maybe you can. I don’t know. For the people in the US, I think you could probably find it in a local military surplus store or just search for it online. I think it’s definitely worth the seven bucks for the manual. This knowledge could save your life someday and I suggest getting it if you see it and possibly getting a couple of copies for maybe friends or like minded individuals that you know if you come across it. And that’s basically it for my little review on this book. Again, I would highly recommend it. Thank you guys for watching and I’ll talk to you later, bye.