Tips for Cooking Outdoors via Indi Travel

Tips for Cooking Outdoors Female: It will now it’s time to check in with Ted Reader, let’s see what he’s cooking up at the campsite grill. Ted Reader: So we’re going to do some peameal bacon steaks. Now I’ve gone with the butcher and I asked them to cut one to one and a half inch thick peameal bacon steaks. So we’ve got these steaks all ready to rumble. They’ve been injected with some salts, some water and some Southern Comfort. We’ve had these soaked and they’re ready to go on the grill. It’s not going to take too long, preheated our grill. Now, we’re going to take a little bit of margarine. This margarine holds and keeps well, throw that on there. Into this, we’ve got some onions and peppers. We’ve got some leftover baked potato, we’re going to throw in some home fries. Now we need the glaze for the peameal bacon steaks. We’ve got some barbecue sauce, we better cup with. We’re going to take some Southern Comfort. We’re going to make sure that you get about a quarter cup of Southern Comfort in there. Now you’ll always need a shot for yourself to get you going in the morning, very, very important. Into that, a little bit of grapefruit juice. We’ve got some green mustard, just stir it all up just like this and then you start to glaze, just glaze it on like that. Eggs, with got four eggs here, quarter cup of whipping cream, some barbecue seasoning into that, some chopped fresh chives, pour that on. Just get it going, nice and easy on a griddle or in a pan, got to move scrambled eggs around so they don’t stick on the bottom. Alrighty eggs are almost done, we’ve turned our peameal bacon steaks. We’re going to give them a little bit extra of the southern comfort and mustard barbecue glaze. The home fries are looking good at the back there. I’m just going to take a good spatula here, turn those eggs over. Check our toast, it could be nice. There we go, take the steak here, take couple slices of toast up there, reaching it back, your home fries with peppers and onions and pepper. We need to just get the scrambled eggs right in there. Nice and easy camping, have some fun. Dig in, have a good time. What you’ve got are Southern Comfort barbecue basted, peameal bacon steaks, home fries with peppers and onions, and hot banana peppers. Many scrambled eggs, some Texas toast, a meal fit for a camping king. Have a good day and have a shot for me.