Learn About Sports in Dubai via ShepherdFilm

One of the most popular sports in the Emirates maybe as the heritage of the English protectorate is golf. Most of the luxury hotels have a golf course but numerous golf clubs and 18 hole courses suitable for world championships can also be found. The Nad al Sheba Club five kilometers from Dubai Center is the only one in the Emirates where we can play at night on an illuminated course. Water sports, diving and horse riding have also spread. Tennis and squash can be done in any hotel but archery and gocart are also popular. To compensate for the heat, indoor skating and skiing on artificial snow are also popular. There are relatively few cycle paths and due to the extreme heat the season of bicycling lasts only a few months. But there is a way to rent bicycles in some hotels. Camel racing is a traditional and very popular sport. This special Arabian type of trotting race is followed with enthusiasm mainly by youngsters. It’s possible to bet on the races and they’re televised. The most famous race is the four kilometer desert route of the Nad al Sheba Club for the grand prize of the Sheikh. The speed of the animals can reach even 60 km per hour. The races take place on the Nad al Sheba Club race course on the free Fridays early in the mornings when the heat is still bearable. The shopping centers of Dubai spoil customers with topping the quantity of abundance of goods. Everything can be found here as in the shops of west Europe or America especially the range of electronic and computer products is confusing. Small kitchen appliances, watches, hifi equipment, digital cameras, mp3 players, lap and palm tops, DVDs, TVs and monitors, cameras and accessories, electronic games and software, prices are cheap but be aware the regional code and the NTSC system. The electrical voltage is 220 volts but the standard of the plug can differ from the European. Many tourists don’t take a camera or video camera with them because they buy it here on the first day and use it to capture scenes of their trip. Textiles and clothes give us an insight to another wonder world. While electronics attract the attention of gentlemen and fabrics that of the ladies, this is not always the case. The Indian tailors found in every corner sew an impeccable men’s or ladies’ suit by the next day. Prices are very reasonable while cuts imitate the newest collections of large fashion houses. Silks from India and Thailand are especially nice. The hookah, shisha stands out from the ornaments and the bent knife in a case with artistic inlay. Carved chess sets and tablecloths embroidered with golden thread, copper plates, coffee pitchers and leather goods. Persian carpets are sold in many places. Don’t forget that prices can be very different and quality depends on the number of knots per square centimeter. Iranian, Afghanistan, Pakistan and cashmere carpets are also sold in Dubai. Turkish carpets are often cheaper than in the grand bazaar of Istanbul. Those who wish to buy a carpet should visit the carpet bazaar of the Deira Towers Shopping Center where an unbelievable assortment is offered. Keep in mind that there is no obligation to buy even if the trader has been spreading the beautiful pieces in front of us for hours but it’s compulsory to bargain. This is true for all Arab bazaars and shops. We are barbarian strangers if we don’t partake of this bargaining which is considered a national game. In the meantime, we can accept the coffee with grounds or burning hot tea offered by the trader. Bargaining should be long and calm. If we do it well, even half of the price can be remitted but don’t feel sorry for the trader. He doesn’t come off a loser. BurJuman Center, Lamcy Plaza, Deira, Wafi City, Jumeirah Plaza and Computer City are just a few of the many names. The Dubai Shopping Festival is held between the 15th of January and the 15th of February every year. Further discounts are subtracted from the prices that are already very cheap. People from America and Western Europe who can afford to purchase their new spring clothes and shoes here stream to this place. Shops are open nonstop. They tempt customers with shows, street balls, fashion shows of the large fashion houses, child and music programs. It is of course possible to shop in old fashioned bazaars and the market where the mood is even more exotic. Arabian countries haven’t escaped Americanization or globalization either so we can sit in a McDonald’s, drink Coca Cola, eat a Kentucky Fried Chicken or a Dunkin Donut at every corner. You can find Pizzahut and Taco Bells in the shopping centers so those not so fond of Arabian cuisine won’t go hungry. But it’s a shame to renounce the exotic spicy flavors. We can try the original kebab and falafel also known in Europe. Don’t miss the spice market. The former colonizing nations base their economy on their ship caravans loaded with fabulous herbs. This fabulous economy is in front of us in jute sacks of the stands of the spice bazaar. Hot pepper and fragrant vanilla, yellow curry and expensive saffron, cinnamon of spicy scent, caraway, bay leaf, star anise and nutmeg, besides, herbs, food stuffs, oily seeds, vegetable and fish are also sold here.