How to Setup a Hammock When Camping via SurvivalistBoards

I’m a big fan of hammock camping. The way you get yourself by hammock and depending on the weather conditions you just expand it between a couple of trees and you’ve got yourself against the bait. Just hammock is I don’t know. 10 years old, 14 yeas old they are here something like that. My idea I like to go around the tree twice but this in here is not big enough to do that and don’t tie permanent knot in your hammocks, it fails if you do don’t when you do—whenever you put the weight on it you’ll move somewhere and then we’ll take apart later, but anyway let me get this set up I’ll be back within in a minute. Alright, we’ll got it and hook up and I like a hammock or another reason why I like them short to the ground and sort if I fall I will have—for to fall and here on the knot if I hear something my flesh rotten I used to be right here and I’ll just take a poncho liner sometimes a poncho liner and put down on the top of this because these are wire so aid to your skin or not in digging your skin. This is it, so I’ll be sleeping in the knot.