How to Prepare a Daypack via SurvivalistBoards

Considerations for a Day Pack Welcome back and today we’re going to be talking about considerations for a day pack. Whenever you’re looking for a day packs some of the questions you should ask for yourself is how much gear am I going to carry in, what is the pack going to be used for or where am I be going? These are all kind of little niches that you might need to consider for your pack. Somebody is hiking in one part of the country may need something different from somebody else in the airport. A couple of examples of these or cold weather if you are hiking in Colorado, top of the mountains, Washington, Idaho to Dakota where the temperatures can get pretty high you may think you need a different style pack from somebody that’s camping in the Southern United States where it gets pretty hot. So, a couple of considerations is the padding here. The amount of padding that is on the pack and some of the military style Alice packs with an external plain. Now, fold this pack away from your body, so if you’re hiking in a hot weather you may want an external plain day pack so that air can get between the pack and your back, the heat, the sweat at that point. Now, heat is not consideration if it’s not a big deal then furnish these packs for a lot of padding. Maybe fun for you but please be aware that this is going to trap some heat. It’s going to trap some heat. It’s going to absorb your sweat and whenever you’re dealing with temperatures in the hundreds the fun of this that this may play a factor in heat exhaustion and dehydration. Okay, now other items, your water platter. I’ve recently switched over and I like this back panels. The two-fourth platter fits here in the top of the pack. It rubs against your back right here and until you feel it and just sponge yourself on a creek or a stream under that you can use your water filter, water purifier to refill the water platter. Cleaning this with a little bit of lemon juice maybe a little bit of vinegar. I carry a knife particle inside my pack out of sight of people that I maybe hiking around but easily accessible if I need it. I have a Rain Poncho. Also making into a shelter, my first aid kit, on my first aid I like this rubber plastic first aid kit because they are impact resistant, they don’t bend if you put a lot of pressure on them it will be alright. The metal first aid kits you can put all if you bend them and put a lot of pressure on them they’ll distort. I carry a meal ready to eat. This one is a number eight beef patty. Here’s my water filter. It’s a pure brand name water filter here it does not make outdoor water filters anymore. They sold out their land and betrayed a lot of their local customers. I really like pure water filters since they sold that out I can’t be their fan anymore, so much for now. I carry my Bible with me. Wherever I go this is a King James Version. I hope there’s no dirt on it. I’ve got the desert camouflage now in the inside. This got a stainless steel plight to keep the Bible from bending and let’s put all these back in there. To build a shelter you have to use your poncho to build a shelter and then you really need some cord and one of these. I’ve got some mosquito repellant. It’s good for keeping the bugs off of you. Around here lest now diseases are factors so you need to carry some mosquito repellant wherever you go there. Whisk it all are around. I carry some duct decoy land for building shelter this is like 200 feet of land. It is not as good as a military back kit cord and a Gerber multi-tool. And one of the reasons why I recommend this one I don’t know of Gerber mixer knives I don’t show anymore but this one here’s got USA stamp on it. I support American jobs. I don’t know if these multi-tools are still made in the USA but if they are not then I don’t recommend them. Any company that moves its production overseas endorses welfare. If the company lays off its employees and move its productions to overseas jobs where they paid cheap labor then I don’t endorse them at all. And I know that some Gerber knives are made in China, switched off over there so whenever you buy Gerber products please be careful make sure it’s made inside the U.S.A. Let’s see what we have over here. I have a flashlight, it say LED, river walk flashlight it’s got a one on push it off. I’ll push the beginning strobe, emergency strobe. I have some hand sanitizer for cleaning up wounds if you get cut it’s a good antiseptic also for cleaning your hands before you eat and for building fires if I have to spend the night I have a flint steel and instead of using these are pair of cotton balls. This is a cotton ball and then inside up here I have some dryer lint. Dryer lint is great for building a fire and it’s cheap you just pull it right out of the dryer. The one thing you help undo the clothes. She thinks you’re wonderful it’s a plus-plus situation. Okay, so there’s day pack, some considerations and examples. Another thing is grab handle. Make sure it has got a good steady grab handle, chest strap which is good for keeping your straps from spreading apart while you’re hiking. Alright, thank you for your time.