What is SSL via butterscotch

What is “SSL?” Michael Callahan: Hi this is Michael Callahan “Doctor File Finder” and welcome to your butterscotch.com tutorial and what is “SSL?” You see this on websites especially where you’re purchasing things and SSL stands for “Secure Sockets Layer.” Now without going into a lot of detail because it’s a fairly complex process, okay another one of my dynamic drawings, so think of it here is you on your computer and you are at a retailer’s website going to purchase something and they already have SSL implemented on their server. There is an exchange of keys, their key and your public key, the entire transaction is encrypted. So here is the internet and it’s like a layer of encryption that exists between your client and their server. There is an exchange of certificates and passwords and the entire thing is encrypted so that the information contained in your transaction is invisible and the layer between your computer and the retailer’s server. So SSL simply is a complex way of encrypting data so that it’s secure and it’s commonly used in web transactions. So that’s SSL and that’s all there is to it. Male Speaker: Hey this is Doc, if you’re looking for a cheap and easy way to put your own content on the web go get domain names from hover.com. Just visit hover.com/butterscotch and you’ll get 10% off and support shows like these, thanks.