What is Fragmentation? via butterscotch

What is Fragmentation? Hi. this is Mike Callahan, Doctor File Finder and welcome to your Butterscotch.com tutorial on What is fragmentation? Do you hear us talk about defragmenting your hard drive? In order to defragment it you have to know what fragmentation is. Fragmentation occurs on a hard drive. I thought this was an excellent analogy of a filing cabinet. You have all your credit card receipts in different menu of folders split among seven filing cabinets. So in that case you have to go from cabinet to cabinet to track down the information you need. What happens when a computer program is written to a hard drive I may have to go to a tune up utilities 2010 here, bring up defragment hard disk. Now my disks really don’t need to be defragmented but I’m going to bring it up anyway just to show the process. When a program is written to hard disk it takes the first three space. Just as an example say a program is going to take up ten spaces and there are only four spaces available in the first open spot. Then four parts of the program would be written to those first four spaces. The other six would go in other three spaces. What happens after a while is that your hard drive heads as you can see these little blocks. Imagine this is part of the program. This is part of the program. The hard drive head is having to go back and forth all across the hard drive to read in a program or a file or a graphics image that slows down the hard drive because the hard drive head is racing back and forth. What defragmentation does is that it resolves your files and data that it can. These purple ones here are locked and can’t be moved but it reads all the ones that can be into memory and then laced them back down so that there are contiguous lines. So that program A is all in one piece and then program B starts and then program C and D and so on. So that all of your programs and files are in contiguous order on the drive and that makes your hard drive more efficient and that makes it. So Fragmentation is the process where by the space on your hard drive is not being used efficiently and the only way to fix it is through defragmentation and that’s all there is to it.