How to Use Color and Advanced Settings in Adobe Acrobat 9 via Total Training – Affiliate

You can also convert colors when building the PDF. The standard behavior is to convert all colors to RGB color. Now, RGB color is nice because it can be viewed anywhere. It can be shown on screen, and it looks nice, and it can be printed out to color printers. However, if you are in a print work-flow where you need to make separations of colors to be able to produce printing plates, then RGB is usually not the appropriate color space. You do need to go back and take a look at for instance PDF/X-1a that we mentioned before, or talk to your printer and they will send you a Job Options file that will work with their work-flow. For now, I am going to leave this alone and we will proceed. Under the Advanced Settings, you may want to make one change here. Everything else is great, but there is one thing that I might encourage you to change. You will notice that Allow PostScript file to override PDF settings is enabled, and this means that Distiller will use the settings that are coming in from the Print Screen. So if you happen to have a PostScript file or you happen to have a Print Screen that contains PDF controls, those will override the settings that you have setup inside of your Custom Settings file. So you may want to shut that off, and that will guarantee that whatever you have chosen for instance the Resolution Settings or the Compression Settings or any of the other settings that we have seen, those will be honored when the PDF is made. To disable, all you’ve got to do is click the Check-mark and now it’s off. At this point, I am going to Save As, and give it a new name. We will call it Total Training Standard. It’s going to be saved as a Job Options file, and it’s going to save in the Settings folder in the Adobe PDF folder. Now, we are all set, we will say OK, and we can go back. Now, we can use this as our default settings for building PDF as we go forward. When we are making PDF, you will have the option to change which settings file that you are using. But for now, if we don’t do that, if we don’t make a choice, this will be the behavior that will take place whenever we are printing to PDF.