Zita Elise Wedding Flowers via Weddingtv

Host: I’m joined here by Zita Elise an amazing florist. Now Zita, can you tell me what your style is in terms of floristry? Zita Elise: I think it’s very much what they think. It comes from the heart. And when I’m designing I don’t think about what color, I go with the feeling and I think that’s why people like it because it’s so free. It really comes from the heart. Host: What is the most popular bouquet that you’re asked for to create? Zita Elise: Roses. They always ask me and because I love them so much it’s always a pleasure. Host: Now we’re actually standing in one of the most amazing displays here, can you talk me around the inspiration that you have for this setting? Zita Elise: I didn’t have a lot of time to think about that one in particular because I was quite busy. I went out and there I see strawberry and I say that’s it that’s what I’m going to do. That’s they way I started. Host: So how did it go from you seeing a strawberry for your inspiration to creating what you’ve created? Why did you pick the flowers in the displays that you’ve picked? Zita Elise: I think because when I was thinking about summer I have the strawberry all red and then I think it will come together. And I think the red and dark pink and a little bit of cream works very well. It’s yum, yum. Host: They are beautiful. Now, you’ve got a hand-tie bouquet to show me. Is there any chance you can give us a quick demonstration of how you can make something like this and obviously the end result? Zita Elise: Yeah. I have four hydrangeas at my base. I put the hydrangeas together and then little by little I add the little pieces until I am happy with the feel and the shape. And it is quite easy when you do it, anyone can do it you have your mass of hydrangeas and then you put other thing you like. That’s for the bride’s bouquet and the bridesmaid. Host: Now, talk me through the colors and how you actually decided how these colors to match the bouquet that you’ve just showed me. Zita Elise: I think that was a little bit more of thinking about the dress for the bridesmaids. I think it contrast very well with what I’m doing. I don’t think very much of the colors when I am doing a bouquet. I go always with the feel first and then everything that comes together. Host: And that’s how you get something completely unique. Now they are absolutely stunning. But I’ve noticed on your display, what do we have here? I’ve never quite seen anything like it as a table setting for a wedding. Zita Elise: We have a little asparagus special. I like to mix certain grass together. Host: And where did the inspiration come because obviously you’re using fruits here. Is that a new trend? Is that kind of fashionable to do at the moment or is this just something that you came up with because you saw the strawberry? Zita Elise: I don’t know. I think because it’s so summer and this is the feel I like to create, the fruit it was part of it I think. Host: And again, it matches perfectly with all the colors. That’s it Zita, thank you very much for you time. The flowers are stunning. Zita Elise: Thank you.