How to Pleasure Women with a Smaller Penis via Ask Dan And Jennifer

Extreme Sex Ed How can I please my partner with my small penis? Dan: This question is from Alfonso in Texas, and he is having a big problem with a small penis. He is wondering how we can please his partner and this can really be a big problem. Jennifer: It is not everything is bigger in Texas. Dan: We are making fun of him. I am sorry. Jennifer: No, I am not making fun of him. Dan: Absolutely not, because as we are about to talk about I almost about to say size does not matt. But we will get to that. Dear Dan and Jennifer, I have undersized genitalia (fine small penis). I am wondering how I can still pleasure my male or female partner despite this disability of having a small penis? (That is so sweet!) Jennifer: It is, and look there is more to sex than penetration. Most men think that their penis is how to please a woman, and they are so full of themselves and their penis as I have said penis three times in five seconds. Dan: I believe you have. Can we go for five? Let us go for five. Jennifer: Look there is way more to it than that, because unless she is excited to start with she is not even going to like that. Even I don’t care if it’s a horse she is not going to like it unless she is excited first. Dan: And that is really a big point because like Jennifer says a lot of guys the only way for women to reach orgasm is by employing their penis. And if they get done first then, oh well we will try it again next time, which is why you hear so many women that are in their mid-30’s and they are like, I wonder if I ever have an orgasm what does it feel like? Jennifer: Yes, in fact there are different ways for a woman to have an orgasm and penetration is only one of those and it is the least common way. Dan: Think hands! Come on guys think outside the box. Jennifer: Think tongues! Dan: You got your hands, ten magical fingers all kinds of good things you can do with that. Jennifer: One magical tongue. Dan: One magical tongue, and it can be quite magical. There are toys of all kinds of variety, shapes and sizes. So you are not limited to using your penis—big, small, medium or like horse. You are not limited to that. Jennifer: And I have to apologize we kind of focused on the girl part of this and— Dan: And his questions really was— Jennifer: It was boys and girls, and I have to be honest. I don’t know that much about the boys side of it. So if anybody is watching—does have some suggestion from that side of it let us know. Dan: Always, what do you guys think? Jennifer: Now, here is the thing, if you are stuck on making it longer there are options. We recently discovered I am not go into details, but you can get this condom looking penis extenders this days. And it is interesting, it is like an condom with an extra two inches thing at the end of it. Dan: We have discovered their unprofessional research. I am just going to leave it that in case anybody is thinking because they are. Jennifer: And also, there are even surgical procedures. You know women get boob jobs well this days men can get extenders. Dan: Just like men get hair transplants and stuff—and some don’t. Jennifer: Yes, tons of options for you. We can circumvent the process all together or you can enhance what you already have. Dan: Yes.